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Shogo Yanagi
FAKE TOKYO Chief Director

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  • 99%IS-

    The stripes are not only just printed, but rather a new original production that is all joined together. Even the inside of the pockets are the striped construction. The design is not superficial. It’s a nonchalant, casual design that only the person wearing the clothing knows. It’s the type of item that focuses on creating happiness for someone who enjoys clothing, and I really like it.

    This brand has my attention as a brand that can present a clean and refined street style that overturns the image native to leather items. I hope for them to build up a new style as a men’s collection brand.

  • I enjoyed how the colors were pretty within the collage of various graphics, how inorganic digital graphics were collaged with beautiful flowers to create a new sense of graphic.
    Although the street essence is strong, there is also a feeling of elegance somewhere. I would like to adopt this atmosphere into a new street graphic for the style.

    Has my focus as an up-and-coming Tokyo brand. A social message is incorporated in the high-sense graphics, and I feel that the brand is one with a new sense of values that reflect the current times.

  • The headpieces constructed from clear acrylic disks and color gradient colored film give off a strong presence with an edge, despite being a beautiful visual and having a delicate texture. I enjoy this very much because it feels exactly like a fashion product item should feel. It is a very creative product, with a fine-grained construction typical to Japanese and an innovative imagination. For the first time in a long time, I was able to meet a product that gave me excitement and goose bumps.

    A fresh designer that hasn't yet participated in the Tokyo Collection, this designer (Makiko Takeda) has great sensibility. Greatly looking forward to future works from this accessory designer who combines sense with ability.


    As a 2013 season item, the coordination with the Jet Cap and ponytail hairstyle was quite rare, but the cap is able to pull it off elegantly. Going ahead of recent baseball caps, this item is useable thanks to the point of having an all black style.

    For the silhouette and feeling, the world outlook had by the atmosphere of the genderless male figure is not like that of any other Tokyo brands, even other men’s brands. You can look forward to this brand, constantly wondering what they will come up with next, thanks to their challenging fashion approach presented by the collection each season. I believe that that feeling of excitement is one of the important elements of fashion, so it’s something to look forward to.

Curator's Profile

Shogo Yanagi
FAKE TOKYO Chief Director

Aside from directing CANDY and FAKE SHOWROOM, he also works on the visual production of artists.

Recommended Shop

  • FAKE TOKYO [ CANDY / Sister] (Shibuya)

    As a shop that not only transmits brands, but also a fashion style, this shop that even carries hot new designers and collection brands is one of the spots to feel Tokyo fashion. With creators and celebrities visiting the shop quite frequently, I feel that you are able to have unexpected meetings and connections made through communication using fashion as a tool at this shop.


    A shop focusing on new and fresh Japanese ladies brands. Although it’s a small shop, as its main focus is on young Japanese designers, I recommend it for times you want to check out new Japanese designer products.


    A vintage shop with a middle-aged European taste, this shop can be the source of incentive as a shop presenting fashion with the enormously high quality of the atmosphere within the shop. Shop owners can be stimulated by visiting this shop, and I believe fashion editors can make discoveries of Tokyo fashion from the perspective of culture.
    As a neighborhood shop in Shibuya, I like to introduce this shop as a place for foreign designers and creators to definitely visit when coming to Japan. (Suzy also really enjoyed the shop when I introduced it to her previously.)

  • FAKE FURNITURE BY FAKE TOKYO (4-26-5 meguro Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

    A shop newly opened at the end of September proposed by FAKE TOKYO as a new lifestyle proposal shop. Shopping for interior and miscellaneous goods, plants, and more, with a sense of fashion with a FAKE TOKYO-ish, edgy perspective is proposed.

  • Robot restaurant (Kabukicho, Shinjuku)

    Located in the Kabuki-cho district in Shinjuku, this entertainment restaurant features dancing and rampaging robots, as well as an interior that is said to have cost a total of 10 billion yen. Although the food is quite awful,,,, people from abroad are usually quite happy being introduced to this restaurant. This kind of far out place is unmatched in the rest of Tokyo.

  • ATA

    Restricted to 18 years and above, this seafood-based bistro has a stylish at-home atmosphere, and the cooking is delicious. Located between Shibuya and Daikanyama, access is easy when coming from the Tokyo Collection main venue. This shop has an atmosphere that allows men and women alike to enjoy food without hesitation, as well as casually enjoy and have fun eating the menu made from fresh seafood and delicious wines. Highly recommended for those who don’t enjoy meat dishes!

  • yakumosaryo ( 3-4−7 yakumo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

    Located in the Yakumo residential area of Meguro, this house was renovated into a culinary restaurant. The truth is... I still haven't been able to go. However, it is a place I wish to try. It seems like a place where traditional Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed, with a garden surrounded by greenery, in a contemporary style. Personally, this is a place I am very curious about, and it can also be used for hosting visitors from abroad.

  • SHAG (Festae Omotesando Building 2F, 3-18-19, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

    Japan's first club with fashion and fetish themes. As a club newly opened in September, it gives off a sense that its highly fashionable approach will become a new attraction.

  • TRUMPROOM (Shibuya)

    I often receive requests from foreign visitors on clubs to go to when visiting Tokyo. With anything from underground parties and luxurious brand parties to secret parties for famous artists visiting Japan occasionally hosted, this is one place that is indispensable to Tokyo’s night fashion scene. The famous owner is also a must see.

  • Former Tokyo Denki University

    An art space with no homepage that occasionally shows up in information about events being hosted. Utilizing the space of an old school building site, this art space is mysterious thanks to the school-like feeling. It can be hit or miss because the contents change depending on the event, but you can experience a different feeling from that of a traditional museum or gallery.
    Aside from directing CANDY and FAKE SHOWROOM, he also works on the visual production of artists.


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