OCT. 22, 2017

AmazonFWT 2018 S/S | Day 6 Report

Designer, Mr. Yukihero Teshima with Mutant Turtles

Award-winning designers

The award-winning designer and judges

UNITED TOKYO 2018 S/S Collection show, finale

Mutant Turtles make an appearance in the show of YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING (10:30〜@ Shibuya Hikarie, Hall B)

YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING, an apparel brand with the concept of “clothes that make you somebody’s hero”, and NICKELODEON, an entertainment brand for kids, announced “YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING x MUTANT TURTLES~Heroes in a Half-Shell~”, an exhibition & fashion show inspired by “MUTANT TURTLES” (Original title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Announcement of the「TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2018」 award winning designers (13:00〜)

The 6 award winning designers of the 4th Award was announced.

Announcement of the 1st 「FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO」 award winning designer (15:00〜)

The 1st award winning designer of the “FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO”, an award to facilitate the growth of fashion designers whom can be active on a global scale, was announced.

UNITED TOKYO(17:00〜@ Omotesando Hills, Main building B3, Space O)

At Omotesando Hills, which is one of the main venues, a total of 6 shows were presented.

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