OCT. 04, 2017

AmazonFWT 2018 S/S | Amazon Fashion Announces “AT TOKYO” Special Events

For this season, “AT TOKYO” has selected — TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist., TOGA, BlackEyePatch. Additionally, sacai and UNDERCOVER will participate in the “AT TOKYO” program with an exclusive collaboration—10.20 sacai/UNDERCOVER. Amazon Fashion will provide an opportunity for these brands to showcase their collections during the official Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo (AFWT) program week to be held October 16-22. For this season the “AT TOKYO” program, in collaboration with the brands, will be inviting hundreds of fashion and design school students—those aspiring to be the next generation of fashion designers in Japan—to view the collections. Amazon Fashion will open the “AT TOKYO” online store for customers on October 16 featuring special items from the participating brands. Additional information about the items and availability will be released at the beginning of October at

The “AT TOKYO” program is a part of Amazon Fashion’s ongoing commitment to the Japan fashion industry and design community. The program features Tokyo-based brands that uniquely represent the Tokyo vibe from a different perspective. The “AT TOKYO” program consists of three main elements—“EVENT,” which supports brand shows and presentations; “STORE,” which sells selected brand items to Amazon customers; and “MY AMAZON,” curated lists of content available on by Japan’s best designers and fashion influencers.

Comment of James Peters, Vice President of Amazon Fashion

“We are delighted to announce this season’s ‘AT TOKYO’ series of events featuring TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist., TOGA and BlackEyePatch and their talented designers, as well as the exclusive collaboration by Ms. Chitose Abe, designer of sacai and Mr. Jun Takahashi, designer of UNDERCOVER for the 10.20 sacai/UNDERCOVER show. This year, the ‘AT TOKYO’ events will also be witnessed by hundreds of fashion and design school students who aspire to become the next generation to lead the Japan fashion and design industry. In addition to supporting the fashion community, we continue to strive to offer Amazon customers a great selection, and therefore we are pleased to offer special items from these talented Japanese brands through the ‘AT TOKYO’ store opening on October 16.”

Amazon Fashion “AT TOKYO” Special Events at Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO schedule

Monday, October 16 – TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist.
Tuesday, October 17 – TOGA
Wednesday, October 18 – BlackEyePatch
Friday, October 20 – 10.20 sacai / UNDERCOVER
*All shows are by invitation only.

In addition, the five participating “AT TOKYO” brands as well as other fashion influencers will be collaborating with Amazon to create their personal “MY AMAZON” lists. Launched last season, “MY AMAZON” is an opportunity for influencers and designers to create curated lists from items sold on across a wide range of categories, including books, movies, consumer electronics, fashion and more.

Participating brand Profile & Comments

In 2010, Takahiro Miyashita cut through the silence for one year and launched Soloist, Inc. after leaving NUMBER (N)INE. He re-started his fashion creation as “TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist.” The brand name “The Soloist.” implies Miyashita’s wish and manifestation that each individual involved with clothes, have a lonely spirit as a “soloist” and is a determination of a non-moving decision to himself that he has returned to the world of clothes again.
Launched in 1997, TOGA participated in Fashion Week TOKYO in 1999 for the first time and started to present its collection at the Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week since October 2005 and 2014, respectively. “TOGA had the opportunity to show our collection to Japanese people, in addition to the London Fashion Week, which we have been participating since AW14. I am very pleased that I can participate in the Amazon Fashion ‘AT TOKYO’ program where we celebrate the milestone of 20 years since the brand launch,” says Yasuko Furuta, Designer of TOGA. “It’s the first time in about 12 years to do a show in Tokyo, so we chose a museum as my show venue. I would like to present the world of TOGA at a museum that is exclusively open during the night and with limited access to ordinary visitors. With gratitude to everyone who enjoyed my collection from 1997 to 2017.”
The designer name of BlackEyePatch (BEP) is kept confidential. Originally producing non-clothing merchandise, BEP launched its full-line collection in Autumn/Winter 2015,” says the designer of BlackEyePatch. “Now, although having fashion at its core, BEP produces various projects, while being recognized for its ‘Tokyo’ identity. “Our history began from producing stickers. Taking several years to raise recognition, I’m glad to be invited to have a show at Amazon Fashion ‘AT TOKYO’ program. We would like to express ‘TOKYO’ from the view of BlackEyePatch.”
The Sacai collection embodies the notion that women can wear what they want, how they want, when they want. By incorporating the idea of hybridization through juxtapositions of contrasting textures of fabrics, such as knits with super fine weaves and the usage of techniques based on reinterpretations of patterns of the garment, transforming the pieces into unexpected shapes and silhouettes. While her collections may appear to be about femininity, Abe’s interest is in creating clothes that are entirely unique and timeless, innovative and experimental. To Abe, who is influenced by observing her surroundings and functions of daily life, the Sacai collection has a distinctive elegance that is based on renderings and transformations of basic and classical items. The result is a collection of items that can transition easily between various occasions and is not only reserved for special opportunities. “I clearly and still remember the shock when I saw “6.1 THE MEN” up close 26 years ago,” says Chitose Abe, designer of Sacai. “While I’ve been thinking to do something new in Tokyo where I live when Jonio-kun (Mr. Jun Takahashi) addressed me and I decided to participate in the Amazon Fashion ‘AT TOKYO’ program. I think UNDERCOVER is the best partner to deliver the same shock that I experienced before to as many people as possible. Together with everyone, I am looking forward to seeing the scenery I have not seen yet.”
UNDERCOVER, launched in 1990, became famous in the underground Tokyo scene for its unique fusion of street fashion, art and music subcultures. Later the brand became globally recognized after moving in to high-end fashion in Paris but always continued to keep at its core its unique view of the world. “For the first time in 15 years, I finally decided to do my fashion show in Amazon Fashion ‘AT TOKYO’ program even though I have been getting requests to do fashion shows in Tokyo for several years,” says Mr. Jun Takahashi, Designer of UNDERCOVER. “I thought if I accept this offer, I want my show to be a day that remains in history, I offered to collaborate with Ms. Abe from sacai and she agreeably accepted. I’ll be thrilled if you enjoy the fusion of these two brands with completely different views of the world throughout our show at Amazon Fashion ‘AT TOKYO’.”

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