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Last updated: June 1, 2013

1.Basic Mindset

The Japan Fashion Week Organization (hereinafter referred to as, "JFW Organization”) collects information on visitors to the JFW Organization website within a scope necessary for the smooth operation of services (sending of blanket e-mails and receiving of various opinions through the online magazine distribution service) provided via the website managed and operated by the JFW Organization ( etc. (*) hereinafter referred to as, “JFW Organization website”). Information collected is managed appropriately within the scope of intended use.

2.Scope of Information Collected

  • Registration of an e-mail address is required for use of the online magazine distribution service.
  • When submitting questions or opinions using the JFW Organization Website’s inquiry form, the user must fill in his/her name and e-mail address.
  • When distributing a questionnaire via the JFW Organization Website, respondents may be asked to provide their name, e-mail address, gender, age and other required information as necessary.

3.Intended Use

  • Information collected in accordance with 2.(1) above shall be used to distribute the online magazine via the online magazine distribution service.
  • Opinions and questions collected in accordance with 2. (2) above and responses to questionnaires collected in accordance with 2. (3) will be used as reference when drafting policies and creating materials. Furthermore, e-mail addresses will be used to verify and respond to inquiries.
    In addition, e-mail addresses may be publicly disclosed after rendering it impossible to identify the specific user (excluding cases where it has been explicitly stated that the user’s name will be disclosed or cases where the user has given consent to disclose his/her name).

4.Restrictions on Use and Provision

With the exception of the following cases, the JFW Organization shall not use private information (private information that JFW Organization employees have created or obtained through the course of work and that is possessed by the JFW Organization for organizational use by JFW Organization employees) for anything other than the intended use mentioned in “3. Intended Use” above and shall not divulge said information to third parties.

  • When required by law.
  • When the user has given consent or when said information is provided to the user.
  • When it is deemed necessary by the JFW Organization or public agencies in order to protect important interests of the JFW Organization or the public such as life, health or assets.

5. Security Measures

The JFW Organization shall implement measures required to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of collected information and to appropriately manage collected information. Furthermore, when contracting operation of the JFW Organization website to external parties, such parties shall be required to implement measures required for the appropriate management of collected information.

6.Disclosure, Correction or Discontinuation of Use of Private Information

Users may request the disclosure, correction or discontinuation of use of private information collected and possessed by the JFW Organization via the JFW Organization website in accordance with the stipulations of Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Furthermore, registration to use the online magazine distribution service may be cancelled anytime when the registered party so desires.

7.Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy shall only apply to the JFW Organization website (refer to the end of the document).


The JFW Organization may revise this Privacy Policy as necessary.

Private Information Protection and Management Officer
Japan Fashion Week Organization
8th Floor, No.5 Kanou Bldg., 3-26-16 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan

Office Hours: Monday~Friday
(excluding holidays and designated JFW Organization vacations)

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