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Swiss Design at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo
  Fashion design is booming in Switzerland. With a crop of talented creators having emerged in the late 90s, they have been steadily building their experience and business networks. The international buzz surrounding Swiss design - and Swiss fashion in particular - is a lasting phenomenon being picked up by leading life-style magazine like "Wallpaper". The attraction of Swiss fashion is that it is not confined by the usual international trends and commercial imperatives. Its designers are free to retain and develop unique ideas which are radically different from the mainstream fashion community, resulting in designs that combine a unique blend of quality, simplicity and multicultural richness. The Swiss fashion show presents itself in an unconventional manner and promises an unprecedented insight for both Japanese and international experts and fashion lovers. The show unveils a collection created in a communal workshop run between the Geneva University of Design and Bunka Fashion College, followed by a collection from young Swiss designers and culminating with the presentation of the hottest creations of the Paris-based Swiss designer, Laurent Mercier.
  Thu. 7th September -Three collections-
  Marunouchi Building Hall, Marunouchi Building
  Organized by
  Presence Switzerland
Swiss Arts and council Pro Helvetia
  Supported by
  Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
Japan AirLines, JALPACK
Jungfraujoch Top of Europe
  Embassy of Switzerland
Ms. Sachie Sasaki
T : °‹81-3-3473-0121
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